Checa Chico narrates the story of Gonzalo Checa, the unknown pioneer who successfully introduce a wave of Spanish language films in US, inspiring the exhibition circuits, in the mid 70's more than 2000 theaters were catering exclusively Spanish speaking films. That was the true Golden era of Mexican Cinema.

 Documental acerca de la historia del desconocido creador de la segunda época de cine de oro Mexicano en Hollywood Gonzalo L. Checa

THE LOST GAME  (El Juego Perdido)


The story of the Mixtec Ball Game. A sport created by Indigenous 3000 years ago. The film narrates the evolution, adaptation and development thru the history, the social enviroment of the players and the debate of the mystery of its origin. Shoot in California, Mexico DF, Oaxaca, Amsterdam and Spain

La historia del Juego de Pelota Mixteca y su controversia internacional por el legado de su origen. Filmado en California, México DF, Oaxaca, Amsterdam y España.

ALMA DE MAÍZ  (Soul of Corn)


Many civilizations were developed thanks to corn domestication. Today 16 ethnic groups still survive, all of them have being migrating. At a distance of over 3000Km, in California, indigenous people, heiress to this knowledge, continue to pass it on via the art of cooking. This documentary series is a gastronomical adventure of recipes that have outlived thousands of years and tell the story of cultural survival and resilience of indigenous Mesoamericans immigrants. We selected the most inspiring characters, they prepare a recipe that change their lives. Narrated in their own voice, these indigenous share strong stories, some bitter-sweet, others rich and diverse, as the ingredients found in their culinary odyssey.



La brillante Inspectora Luz Estrada debe resolver casos de mujeres de recién ingreso a prisión víctimas de violencia, enfrentandose a los retos más difíciles que ocurren en Los Angeles vinculados al tráfico de drogas, humano, esclavitud, trata y explotación.


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